Jedi Training at Disney

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Wepa! how my dad would say,

Here to share our sons experience participating in the Trials of the Temple Jedi Training at Disney Hollywood Studios. Probably many people know everything about it. But if you, like me are taking your kids for the first time to Disney World and you are not Disney savvy this info will be helpful.

First things first! Can your kid make it to be on the show?

Yes, yes and Yes! Just make sure to follow this tips so you and your family dont miss out on it.

  1. If you are staying at a Disney Hotel and you are driving your own car. Diss the car. Use Disney Transportation. Why? Because Registration to the Show is the first thing you should do and the bus gets you close to the park entrance. If you take your car is going to be a looooong walk, which means more time wasted. Try to take advantage of the Magic Hours in the morning. Only Hotel Guests can get inside the park before it opens to the rest of the public.
  2. With Map On Hand search for  the Registration Spot (you will see it in one of the pictures in the slideshow above.)
  3. Shows run from 10:10 am to 7:40. My recommendation is pick an early show or try the last show so you can avoid standing in the summer heat for too long because the process from checking in and the show ending takes about 1 hour.
  4. Make sure to dress for the weather. They are going to be wearing the Jedi robe on top of their clothing.
  5. They provide the robe and lightsaber for the show only. It is not necessary to purchase those items to participate.
  6. Most important of all. Make sure you get back to the location of Registration for check in at least 10 min prior to the time shown in the registration ticket. You don’t want to be late. Believe me those people won’t forgive and they will tell you that you’re out just like that.

Other than that just relax and enjoy your vacation. This experience will be one of a lifetime. You will have the greatest time watching your Kid fighting the Dark Side in the most epic way!

Attached is the link to the Disney Website so you can have more details.

If you have any questions feel more than welcome to ask!

Hasta la Próxima!





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