Drug Free Teething Remedies



Hello Mamacitas,

Here I share with you the remedies I use for my Baby Daughters teething. She has been really fussy during this process. It has been a hassle but hey, us moms have the power! I use these products for the simple reason that they are drug free.

Baltic Amber Necklace – It is used as a Natural Remedy for babies teething. Their body heat triggers the release of a small amount of oil wich works as an analgesic on swollen Gums. Although this is just theory lots of moms say it has helped their children. I decided to try it because one of my girlfriends said it helped a tun with her baby. My experience has been really good I feel it eases her discomfort a little. I don’t let her wear it to sleep. Try using it only when baby is awake and being supervised constantly. I got mine on Amazon for 9.99, you can check also Etsy, Ebay, or at a local baby store.

Camilia – I Looove This Product! This works wonders for us. After a dose her discomfort is reduced so much that within a minute she goes from sad baby to Happy Baby mode. This is a Homeopathic Medicine that works naturally. The best of all is that you don’t have to worry about overdose or numbing the gums wish can be a problem if you are breastfeeding. There is no side effects, benzocaine free and no preservatives. You can find this product at Vitamin Shoppe for $13.49 or $11.49 online. And best of all I added a link so you can get a $2.00 off coupon.

Get $2 Off Camilia Teething Drops

Breastmilk Popsicles – This is super cool, you can find the molds anywhere. I bought mine at Walmart and they were super cheap. If you are breastfeeding just pump some milk and pour it in the molds and freeze it. Its super easy and your baby will love it. One thing you can do if baby is in pain and doesn’t want to latch, give him/her a popsicle to relieve gums and then try to latch again.

Teething Toys – Last but not least this is the most common tip. But they also work really well specially when frozen or refrigerated.

I hope you could find this helpful whether you are a Mom, a Mom to Be or plan to have children in the feature. Always remember to make your own reasearch before using or buying any products for your baby. If you know of any other helpful products make sure you share in the comments!!!

Vil ♥





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