5 Reasons Why I love Fridays Too as a SAHM

Hello Friends,

Let me start by defining what “SAHM” means. It means Stay At Home Mom.

Have someone ever asked you “why do you want the week to be over if you don’t work”? I know, ANNOYING in every possible way. People think that us stay at home moms just sit arround and do nothing all day. I have lots of reasons why I looove Fridays but here are my top 5.

Hubby doesn’t work on weekends – I like having my husband home all day so we can spend time together whatching tv series till late night or even if he is gaming, playing basketball or working on his car in the garage. Just feeling his presence at home makes me more calm and complete.

I don’t have to cook – Although I don’t cook every single day of the week because we order in once or twice, this is like the no cooking sacred day because hubby doesn’t have to take lunch.

Last day taking my Kid to school  – And YES I KNOW it’s still Summer time break, but school time is going to come sooner than later; and this is a challenge for me because I just love to sleep in.  And not to mention having to wake up baby girl, nursing her before leaving the house, putting her in her car seat etc. Same thing every single day! At least two days resting of that hectic morning routine is good for me. 

Family Outings – On the weekends we like to go out and have breakfast or just find something fun to do like going to the movie theater, an amusement center or even go on  a road trip to somewhere we have never been before.

Spending Time with friends – Friends play an important part in everyone’s lives and we like to maintain our relationships so we always try to hangout with them. One thing we really like to do for fun is cookouts.

These are only 5 of the reasons why I love Fridays so much. It is always important to look forward to do new things, maintain relationships and get out of the routine. Spending quality time with family and friends makes me really happy and it helps me relax and clear my mind to start fresh on the new week!

I’m sure you Guys have many  reasons too. Feel free to share in the comments.

Hasta La Próxima, Till Next Time

Vil ♥



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