Ideas for a Gender Neutral Kids Bathroom

I’m a neutral color person and I use neutral colors for almost everything, decor, clothing, shoes, cars and the list goes on. Right now grey has been my obsession color for the past two years and because I just can’t have enough of it I decided to go with grey as the primary color for my Kids bathroom decor and because I have boy and girl.

The reasons why I like neutral colors and decor for the kids is because it is easier to combine with different patterns, pops of color and textures. Another reason is because I feel it will not get “old” as fast as character themes. Lets be real; kids change their minds a lot, one day they like Spider Man, the other day they want Ninja Turtles or Jake from the Neverland Pirates, which makes me realize that I’m kind like a kid too haha!, but that is a different subject! So I expect to stick with the theme for the long run and then update it gradually.

If you like this idea my recommendation that you pick a neutral theme, in my case I chose the arrows one and then I combined it with grey accents and accessories. Target and Hobby Lobby have great options and if you don’t mind spending a bit more head to The Land of Nod they only have stores in 5 States but you can check out their website.


Hasta La Próxima, Till Next Time

Vil ♥


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