Saying GoodBye

Saying Goodbye to your friends is for sure hard.  Because they become your second family. They quickly fill the empty space that remains after you leave everything behind to start a new life.

Spending all those special holidays, birthdays, playdates, cookouts together and so on, makes you bond so strong. They are the ones giving you a hand when something goes wrong, when you need advise and when you just simply want to talk to someone.  And yes we try to prepare ourselves all the time for when these times come, but sometimes it just gets us by surprise. It is part of this kind of life. Nothing is permanent. When you think you are adjusting, that’s when  you have to start all over and the empty space remains once again.

And when you have to watch your kids say goodbye to their friends it makes it so much harder. You just want the best for them, you want them to be happy and never ache. How do you explain that their best friends are going to go away? That they might not see each other again in a long time! Their happiness is our happiness and their sadness is our sadness. So we cant help to feel for them. You can always make new friends but you can never replace them.

When these times come, that’s when you have to  unite as a family more than ever, to make any transitions and adjustments easier. Let each other know in every way possible that you will always stick together no matter what. This is what makes us stronger and unbreakable!

We just have to be grateful and happy that they happened. That they became a part of your life and left great  memories to hold on to. Plus you are turning the page not closing the book…

Good friends are hard to find, Harder to Leave, and Impossible to Forget”

Hasta La Próxima, Till Next Time

Vil ♥

Dedicated to Our Good Friends who Just moved accross the Country. May this new adventure be one of a lifetime!


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