Working Out After Baby – Who was I Kidding?

I remember stepping on the scale almost every day  to see how much weight I had gained when I was pregnant with my second baby.  And feeling so freaking bad about myself every time I saw the pounds go up. Then calculating how much the baby weighted approximately, how much the amniotic sac weighted, how swollen I was and how big my boobs were getting. “What the heck, throw that in there too” I used to say to myself. HAHA Yes! I did all that.  And then thinking: “Hm not so bad!”  Playing mind games with the pregnancy weight gain distribution of course. But who was I kidding? I was really eating for like 4 people. I mean 2. OK OK 4 I admit it!

And on top of the frustration when I went to my monthly check ups, the Midwife reminded me how much I had gained and what I was supposed to be eating in order to keep a healthy weight gain. I tried. I promise, I did. I started to eat healthy one week, but again… Who was I kidding? I liked to eat whatever I was craving. So the next week I threw everything out the window eating a whole box of pizza. Yes 8 slices of cheesy, toasty pizza in one sitting just to myself! Dont Judge!

So after the eating struggle during pregnancy  I promised to myself that I was going to get back on track after giving birth. I feared I would stay with the baby weight like it happened with my first pregnancy. So I anxiously awaited for my postpartum appointment because I wanted to hear this words out of the Midwife’s mouth: “you are ready to begin exercising”. But really? Could I? With a new nursing baby on demand, a preschool toddler, the house chores, the errands I had to run, when could I make time. Who was I kidding? Ok, there are people out there that know how to balance everything so well. But I’m not that person, plus I like to sleep in. So I got my OK and I started the Get Back in Shape Mission I don’t even now how many times. I used the 7 Minute Workout App which is really good by the way. If you haven’t tried it you should, I loved it.  I even tried Zumba with a Youtube Channel. But I was unable to keep up.

I started feeling miserable again. Stepping on that scale and torturing myself because I wasn’t losing the weight like I wanted to.  And once again… Who was I kidding?  Transitioning from one kid to two kids, trying to get the baby to go to sleep until 2 am in the morning, nursing every hour for one hour, sometimes not having time to eat or even take a shower. How in the world was I going to make time for it. And if I had the time I was so exhausted I didn’t even know how to start the work out.  Why was I being so hard on myself? Ok I know why. Because I’m a woman. We are built that way.  We are always putting so much pressure on ourselves. Plus being so active on social media and seeing how other people including celebrities lost their pounds so fast or maybe didn’t even gained anything in the first place, it was normal to feel overwhelmed. But the truth is  nobody is the same. Plus celebrities have a social pressure and lots of money  to invest in Personal Trainers and Diet Programs. 

So I decided to stop. I stopped stepping on the scale and I let my body take its course. I also made a few adjustments to my diet, nothing radical, I kept breastfeeding full-time and started doing some Yoga to help with the daily stress. Instead of putting the pressure on myself and my body I tried exactly the opposite and that’s when things started working out for me. Did you know that by relieving your stress weight loss can become easier and more effective? YES!!! Because the “stress hormone” Cortisol can increase your appetite, make you crave for sugary foods, among other effects like depression. 

Right now I’m below the weight I was when I got pregnant. It has taken me 8 months, but I got there, no pressure, no stress. Taking it slow one day at a time. Enjoying motherhood and being thankful for the new blessing I have in my life.

And now that I have achieved my weight goal I want to get fit and toned. So I decided I was going to start at least with some cardio around the neighborhood everyday at 6pm.  Who was I kidding AGAIN? I’ve been trying to start for a week now! And today my friend who happens to be my neighbor as well texted me to go for a Stroller Walk with the babies at 11 am so I said yes. I decided to postpone for 40 minutes what I had on my morning routine. Plus I was going to have a workout buddy and that motivated me even more.

What did I reminded myself once again on this morning walk? Not to put so much pressure on myself. It will happen. It could be randomly and not at the time I planned to. When we are moms we have to just go for it whenever we get the chance because our schedule can be so unpredictable sometimes.

So Mamas don’t be so hard on yourselves. Take your time. Don’t over do it and get support.  You will get there!

Hasta La Próxima, Till Next time!

Vil ♥


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