Fun Ways to Prepare Siblings for the arrival of a New Baby

Hello Beautiful Future Mamis!

I remember having so many fears of how my 4 year old Son would react to having a new sibling. And I didn’t want him to feel left out or less important with me having to divide the attention that once was just his. So I wanted to prepare him. And what better way than involving him in every step of the way, and letting him participate in every little detail. These are just some of the fun things we did.

Ultrasounds – Take them to see the baby so they can have an idea of what’s in your growing belly. I took him to all the Ultrasounds including the first one.  In this first appointment we also heard the baby’s heart beat for the first time. It was the sweetest and most cherished moment.

Gender Reveal Participation – If you are having a Gender Reveal Party let the kids participate on any DIY’s or decoration process.

We traveled back home to have a Gender Reveal Party with the family and almost all the decorations were DIY’s by me so I let him help me with the easiest stuff, like painting some wooden clothes pins.

Maternity Shoot – This doesn’t have to be just about you, you can also dress the kiddos nice and cute for a beautiful Family/Maternity Session.

 Baby Shopping This is a great way to get them interested in baby stuff, take advantage of these shopping sprees to explain to them how things work and why the baby will need the things you are buying.

This was fun and educational because it captured his interest and curiosity.  He already knew what I was doing and why when I started to use some of the products after the baby arrived.


Nursery Preparation – Let them help you put together any baby gear or furniture, they can pass you the crib screws for an example. Even putting the baby’s new clothes to wash and then hanging them in the closet.

I remember him being so exited, he wanted to put everything together himself and ok we let him believe he was the Boss; Shhh!  He felt so responsible and grown up. And gushed about how he couldn’t wait to show the baby what he had done.

Big Brother/Sister Shirt – I’m so indecisive and I searched for months for the perfect shirt. I liked so many on Etsy but I couldn’t decide on one. We went to Myrtle beach one weekend and visited this store we had never been in before and guess what? We randomly came across with the perfect one, plus I didn’t have to wait for it to get shipped.


Certificate of promotionI feel this one gave my son more sense of responsibility by giving him an “Official Document” He was so proud! You can make one yourself or you can print them out from the website bellow.

I attached two links ,one for a Big Sister Certificate of Promotion and a Big Brother Certificate of Promotion. There is a free version option and a $5.00 customizable option. I used the free one and filled the blanks with a pen.


Welcome Card – Let them use their creativity on making a Welcome card for baby. Confession: I’m a control freak! There, I said it. I wanted to intervene so bad in this activity but eventually I let him finish his piece of art without help.

Gift from baby – Get them a gift on behalf of the baby. You can get creative here, It can be anything.  But something they are able to use all the time and remember it was a gift from baby sister or baby brother.


Holiday Fun – Use holidays to make something together that symbolizes the baby. When we went pumpking picking last year, we picked out one for baby sister too.

Sibling Preparation Classes – You can check with your hospital to see if they offer this class. It is super fun, they get to see how the baby will look the first week, learn how to change diapers, how to hold the baby, among other things.

I hope you find this useful and that together you can enjoy this amazing stage in your lives!

Hasta la Próxima, Till Next Time






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