Because Summer is not Over!

Put a hold on those Fall Outfits! Summer is not over yet and because we are not ready to let go, I’m sharing two styles you can pull off with one outfit. Here in NC the weather is still in the 90’s so I’m not putting away the shorts just yet. I want my son to be fresh and comfy when going to the playground in this hot weather at school and when we go out to enjoy what is left of this Season.

The first look can be worn to school, or a day at the park. I love frayed shorts, they look so cute specially in denim. And they match my sons personality and style. The one I used for this picture is from Gap Kids.

I fell in love with this Graphic Shirt from Old Navy, it is so colorful and represents summer in its entirety.

Lets talk about sunglasses. Every time we see a pair that we like we just get them mostly because they are so cheap.The aviators I picked for this look are from The Children’s Place, in fact almost all of Kayden’s sunglasses are from that store.

And finally the shoes. Kayden has been wearing TOMS for the past 4 years now and every time he outgrows a pair I go and buy a new one. He has never complained about his feet hurting plus they go so well with his style, in addition they are super lightweight and flexible.

Frayed Fresh Look

The Second style is a layered look that the boys can use on cooler days. Have you heard about denim over denim? Of course and it doesn’t have to be just for girls. Boys look so good with this style as well. Same graphic shirt from Old Navy, this time with a denim buttoned shirt from Carters on top. Tennis shoes from Old Navy and Children’s Place Sunglasses.

Layered Summer Look

Some of these items are not available anymore unfortunately but I’m sure you can use something from your Kids closets to put this look together or something like it. If not I’ve gathered similar pieces that are still available at the stores so you can pull it off. Actually I bought the pants on the flat lay picture from Gap Online, they fit so nicely and I like the snug waist because the pants stay put really well and my son is very slim. Best of all? These items are on sale now that all the Fall merchandise has been released. You can find so many bargains!

I love to go shopping at the end of each season. It is a money saver. Specially now that I am a SAHM. I like to make the most out of our money!!!

Here is a $20.00 credit off your $75.00 purchase at Toms just for you!!!



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