Kindergarden Ready

DIY First Day of Kindergarden Back to School Sign

I’ve been thinking about the first day of Kindergarden since my son was born. Call me exaggerated! Yes! I like to think ahead of time to get ready for what’s to come. There are people who just go with the flow, fly with the wind, swim with the current. Not me! Hahaha! I am such a planner and I have to be honest, I worry too much before things get even close to happening.

Well today I’m going to share with you the reasons why I’ve been so apprehensive about Kindergarden and how I’ve prepared my child and myself for this new journey.

Bullying – I think every parent worries about bullying. And the ugly reality is that it has become an epidemic in schools now a days, even occurring among small children.

Well I have tried to bullet-proof my son from bullies by talking to him about what it means and how he can overcome a situation in where he is being harassed, assaulted or bothered. We even practiced a script of what he should say to step up to a bully with confidence and authority. But being respectful and walking away to avoid a bigger conflict. I also told him to seek help from the teacher o another adult if needed.

Academic Performance –  We have an idea of how our kids performance will be based on their preschool experience. After all Pre-k prepares our children for Kindergarden. But this is the first year of Elementary. That is a huge deal!!! And now they will start working with other subject areas, so that means more responsibility.

I worry about him getting overwhelmed if the pressure and responsability is too much.

So I wanted to prepare him for this change and talked to him about academic achievements and the importance of him being responsable for his home work and performance in school.

After School Routine – To tell you the truth Kayden never had a single home work from his Pre-K year. I know it can be time-consuming. Add to that all the mommy responsibilities with the house, spouse and other children.

So as the Planner Mom that I am, I made an After School Schedule to keep us organized and on track.

Here is the Checklist for you to download. Just click the link below the image, then open image in new tab and save!

Little Things


Disease outbreaks – Weather you choose to vaccinate or not it is important that you are aware of the most common outbreaks in your area or at the school your kids are going to attend, so you can take your children to get their vaccines up to date. And If you choose not to vaccinate it would be good for you to come up with a plan in case there is an outbreak. When I took Kayden for his 5 Year Old Physical appointment I asked his pediatrician wich where the common outbreaks in schools. You can also ask the school staff. Train your kids to wash their hands every time, this is such an important habit. And send them extra hand sanitizer inside their back packs.

Teacher – I worried about what kind of teacher he would be having. So of course I went to the open house to meet her. Never miss your child’s open house. This is your opportunity to ask all the questions you might be having and maybe calm a little all the worries that run through your mind. If you missed the open house you can still talk to the teacher, you will have the whole year. I wrote down all of my questions so I wouldn’t forget anything. Also it would be good for you to meet the assistant, you never know with whom your kid will connect better so it would be great if you can establish a good relationship with her as well.

Here are my top 10 Questions:

  1. What are the tardy and Attendance Rules?
  2. What is the Earliest and Latest pick-up time?
  3. At what time they snack?
  4. At what time they go to lunch?
  5. Can you visit the school and at what times?
  6. How does potty time work while in the classroom and at the playground?
  7. How many kids there are in the class?
  8. How many times she will be sending homework?
  9. What the Curriculum consists of?
  10. How they deal with bullying?

We have to always remember that communication with our children is very important. It is critical for healthy parent-child relationship. Last year I would ask all sorts of specific questions related to how his day went, as soon as we got back to the car or when we got home. I plan to do the same this year. That way you can keep track of everything and know if they are making friends, if they are  happy, if they are learning or having a hard time with something. It doesn’t have to be like an FBI questioning, just make it fun and meaningful.

At last I hope you can enjoy together this new journey. And I wish the littles the best in this new school year!

Hasta la Próxima, Till Next Time

Vil ♥




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