Baby Favorites

Having a baby is so much fun besides all the hard work because they go through so many continuous stages, that we get to try lots of new products all the time; or non stop I should say. And this mom right here doesn’t hesitate what so ever because she likes everything shopping related and experimenting new things all the time.

For that reason I’m exited to share with you the products that I have recently started using with baby Mia. And I absolutely love.

Neat Cheeks



These Natural Flavored Face wipes are the best Mom Invention for messy babies. They are sweetened with natural plant extract Stevia. I waited until Mia started her solids to try them and really give them a good use.

I love them so much because they don’t leave a sticky residue and I feel at ease knowing that it is safe for her to stick her tongue out every time I’m wiping her mouth. You moms know babies have a thing for wipes, they always try to chew on them. And we don’t want those precious little mouths to get any toxic chemicals like the ones added to regular wipes.


Now they come in two flavors, the Natural Flavor and Just Peachy; I’ve tried both. And they offer travel pack sizes wich are very convenient for on the go, super easy to fit in your diaper bag or purse.


20160903_162327-01-01-01 (1)

NeatCheeks is available in Babies R’ Us, and select Target Locations, Walgreens in Colorado & Utah, Right Start, Nordstrom Rack and Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy. You can also find NeatCheeks at participating small retailers across the country and in Canada.

Or get them on their website where they are currently having a Labor Day Sale! 30% off + Free Shipping on their 3 pack of Natural Flavored Travel Packs with the code LABORDAY30. Below the link to their website.

Theething Happens


I love the dual purpose of this product. Mom jewelry for your teething baby! There are tuns of styles out there you can find. This one in particular is from Itzy Ritzy and I got it at Target. Best of all? It was only $8.99 and I’ve never seen them for less than $15.00.


It is 100% food grade silicone (similar to pacifiers and bottle nipples), non-toxic and CPSIA compliant. Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead and cadmium. Breakaway plastic clasp for added safety on necklaces with Itzy Ritzy signature bead. Hand wash or top-shelf dishwasher safe.


We finally have a teething product that she wont drop and I still look in style while wearing it.

Honest Company Shampoo + Body Wash


I recently switched Mia’s body wash because I wanted to try something more natural without harsh chemicals. So I went with Honest Company for 4 main reasons. They are price competitive, organic, cute packaging and I like Jessica Alba haha! I just fell in love with it the first try. I bought the Sweet Orange vanilla Scent and it smells so good, there are other organic products that just don’t have the sweet likable scent this one has. Mia’s hair was so noticeably shiny afterwards and her skin was so smooth and soft unlike the product we were using before. It is really foamy too wich I loved.


It is available in 3 delightful scents Sweet Orange Vanilla, Dreamy Lavender and Apricot Kiss. It contains Organic Botanicals like Aloe, chamomile, and calendula to help gently soothe and nourish. Coconut oil, jojoba protein, and quinoa extract help moisturize and soften skin. Its pH balanced Shampoo + Body Wash helps cleanse without over-drying. Made without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.  And it is tear-free, Hypoallergenic, Pediatrically Tested plus pH Balanced.


I Tried to take a Happy Picture. But I’m going to keep it real. Here is my happy baby enjoying her nice warm bath!!!

Happy Baby Puffs


My last favorite baby product is the Happy Baby Puffs. They are made without GMO ingredients, they are USDA organic and the packaging is BPA free. I have been giving these to Mia as a treat snack. And she can’t get enough of them, she asks for more every time. I think it’s an ideal baby finger food and very convenient specially for on the go because it doesn’t get messy.

Now, the problem and reality of puffs is that the manufacturing process called extrusion; compromises the quality of the product. So it is impossible to call puffs a “good snack”. But the Happy Baby organics is the best one out there hands down.


Remember that your baby should present all the developmental signs of readiness for solids and finger foods. Some of the sings are finger grasp (NOT PALMAR GRASP), sits up well without support,  baby has lost the tongue-thrust reflex, knows how to chew and crawls without tummy touching the ground.

If you have any favorites feel free to share. If you would like to read more posts like this, hit like or comment below. Dont forget to follow the Blog and feedback is welcomed!!!

Hasta la Próxima, Till Next Time

Vil ♥





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