To the Dr. who tried to sabotage my Breastfeeding – Extended Breastfeeding Contradictions


So recently baby Mia had her 9 months check up. We went to the same Clinic as always. But this time we met a different Dr. Everything was going excellent, she was very sweet with Mia and really social as well. I personally like Doctors that want to connect with baby and parents. The worst thing is having to deal with a grumpy doctor right?

Then she started asking questions about our feeding routines. I told her we use BLW (baby led weaning) method for solids and that I mostly breastfed baby Mia, especially before meals, to sleep and through the night. Soon after that, our appointment turned upside down which led me to leave the office upset and disappointed.

She started saying how I needed to start weaning baby Mia off because my breastmilk should not be replacing solids. And to start giving her juice to make her fuller. Also, she told me how I should stop nursing her through the night. And that I should not let her use me as a pacifier to sleep because it becomes a bad habit. Worst of all she said that the main reason why I should wean her off is because the bigger she gets the more difficult was going to be for me to take her off the boob especially in public places and that she will grow up as a dependent child.

Now moms, imagine my face of astonishment. I was speechless. I didn’t say anything else. I just nodded my head up and down while she was speaking and after she finished I grabbed everything and left almost running without looking back.

After being mentally prepared for years and being determined that all I wanted to do was breastfeed, after all the struggles we went through to be able to have a good breastfeeding experience, after having the hardest time to accomplish a good latch, after all the tears shed to the point of almost quitting, I really find it offensive for someone to try and tell me in many different ways reasons why Extended Breastfeeding, the most natural process and relationship between a mother and a child is wrong.

So here I’m going to address her about why everything she said was wrong and it doesn’t have any medical value or scientific evidence. And the reason why I did not do it at the office is because I was caught off guard and besides I’m educated well enough to know what is wrong and what is right regarding my child’s care and well-being.

Also, it can be helpful to other mothers that will probably have to deal with a Dr. like this.


Breastmilk should not replace solids

On the contrary, solids should not replace breastmilk. I will keep breastfeeding on demand and using solids as complementation for her first year. My milk will still be her first source of nourishment. The argument about replacing solids with breastfeeding is only intended for weaning off. And who said I was going to?

Breastmilk continues to be a valuable source of nutrition for as long breastfeeding continues, even past infancy.


Give Juice to your baby

She doesn’t need juices. They are not necessary for babies nutrition. Why would I want to give her juice if she has the boob? My milk in combination with solids will meet all her needs!




Cut on night nursing sessions

I nurse during the night because I want to, because it feels right and because I want to nurture and comfort my daughter. There is nothing wrong with nursing a baby that wakes up at night. What am I supposed to do? Let her cry it off? Sorry! But that’s just not me. I’m going to make sure in every possible way I respect the needs of my child. Plus we co-sleep so it doesn’t bother me at all to have her precious warm little body next to mine in bed while nursing her. And also babies don’t wake up just because of hunger.They can be teething, going through a growth spurt, they can be cold or hot, starting to get sick, or maybe they just want mommy. And my boob will ease all the above.


Don’t let baby use you as a Pacifier

My daughter doesn’t use me as a pacifier, she comfort nurses. That is how I see it and feel it. For me, it is not a bad habit. On the contrary, it helps her sleep better. It calms her too. Plus a fun fact? Breastmilk contains sleep-inducing hormones. So even the suggestion of not doing it is nonsense to me. It has been working perfectly for me and my family.




 Don’t Breastfeed in Public

What is the problem of breastfeeding in public? One of Breastfeeding goals is to be able to beat double standards, to stop judgement, to make breastfeeding in public normal and legal. I am not ashamed of nursing my baby girl in public I will not restrict my child because of “society standards”. Breastfeeding doesn’t have a place or time designation for us.

Now, I understand not all mothers feel comfortable with this. And I respect the mothers who wish not to do it this way. Every mom is unique in their own special way.



Extended Breastfeeding causes dependency

My baby will outgrow dependency when she is ready to transition into childhood. I don’t have to force independence prematurely. I will let her go at her own pace.

There is no evidence that extended breastfeeding can cause developmental and psychologic harm. There are many studies that determine how beneficial can extended breastfeeding be for mother and baby.


Being able to carry another human inside of us for almost 10 months and giving birth is a powerful miracle of life we have been gifted. And then being able to nurture, comfort and nourish our children with our own bodies it is simply amazing. Breastfeeding is not just a short-term face for me. I’m molding part of my child’s life through it! So I will let nature and God’s way to flow how it is supposed to because it is simply the perfect way. When my child is ready to stop on her own that’s the day I will stop breastfeeding. Not because a Dr. with low perspective on lactation told me too.

Maybe I’m overreacting to the eyes of other people. But when you’ve had it tough to get where you are, you feel like somehow  someone is trying to rip off that accomplishment.

I urge breastfeeding mothers to get educated, and do what your gut and mother instinct tells you to. Only Breastfeeding experts will really know how important Breastfeeding is in all aspects.

Have you been in a situation like this or similar at a Check-up? If so, how did you handle the situation? Or how would’ve you handled it?

Comment Below or Like, I would love your feedback!

Hasta La Próxima, Till Next Time






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